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An interesting poll came out Tuesday that should not warm the hearts of SEC fans everywhere.

Coaches do not believe cheating is rampant in college football. But if there’s cheating going on, you know who is guilty.

The SEC.

“Out of the 130 FBS schools in FBS, I would say, in the SEC, 80 percent (knowingly cheat),” a coach said. “Everywhere else, about 20 percent.”

The poll was conducted by CBS Sports, which granted anonymity to respondents. About 25 FBS coaches weighed in.

One said that players get up to $500 by wandering the parking lot after games and getting cash handshakes from admiring tailgaters.

“I guarantee [that sort of thing] is going to happen at Ole Miss and Alabama and Mississippi State and Tennessee and Texas probably and Oklahoma — for sure.”

And I guarantee SEC fans think the poll is garbage. As a born-and-bred Southerner, I’d like to agree.

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